Covry’s got you covered!

Eyewear: One of the most difficult items to shop for in my experience, with my shopping excursions for this accessory almost always resulting in nothing but unwelcome amounts of stress, confusion, and lost time. I will typically spend hours searching and testing out multiple brands, in hopes of even one semi-successful trial. But, once a winning piece has been found, it instantly becomes one of my go-to brands. Virtual ‘yasss’ if you feel me!

As someone with a smaller facial structure, finding eyewear that fits properly is a challenge. Finding a pair that suits me and is also a style score, an even bigger challenge. As a result, I’ve found myself wearing countless pairs of sunglasses and eyeglasses that slide off my nose, sit directly on my cheekbones, and/or simply overwhelm my face with their lenses and frames.

However, despite these eyewear woes, I am more often than not seen with shades on — So finding a brand that could get me out of the struggle of finding a perfect everyday pair was a must.

Enter my ah-ha brand: Covry.

Covry was truly designed with the consumer in mind, with their core clientele having a diverse range of facial features. They nailed it, all while creating stylish frames for their fashion-forward shoppers. Not to mention, Covry’s price point is compatible with anyone’s budget. I was on the lookout for a pair of spectacles as well as a pair of sunnies — and I walked away with two frames, which I could not have been more excited about!

I swooped up a pair of the Rigel Mocha specs and the Electra Smoke sunglasses. The specs are lightweight and fit so well that I no longer have to deal with Urkel moments of pushing the frames up the bridge of my nose. The sunnies are now one of my favorites, and are also an excellent hangover frame with their perfectly oversized proportions and great reflective lenses for those days you’re especially needing that “don’t look at me” touch.

I have a full wish list of Covry sunnies I want next, but for now I’ll show you just how I styled these game-changing frames.

Specs | Sunglasses


Photographer: Tracey Mammolito
**Items were gifted but all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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