After numerous years sharing tidbits with friends and family on best ways to wear trendy pieces, current must-have products, and most helpful at-home fixes, The Nikki Standard was created as a public platform where Nikki could share tips, tricks and trends with a side of sass and sarcasm. Balancing her editorial content creation at full-time jobs post-graduation, Nikki took advantage of her spare time to put her fashion industry knowledge to work via The Nikki Standard.

Nikki hopes to bring originality and a dash of audacity into her readers’ wardrobes, giving them the courage to pull off any look. Why be ordinary when you can create your own unique fashion standard?!

Style is a reflection of who you are, so Nikki hopes The Nikki Standard becomes a guide for all her readers to create and elevate their own style standard.

Don’t be afraid to reach out! Until next time!




📲Contact: thenikkistandard@gmail.com



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Nikita
    I love your blog! I know you only have 2 entries at this point, but I’m really interested in your viewpoint on fashion. Would you be interested in becoming a contributor for MumRx.com? We’re a mom’s magazine that talks Fashion, beauty, career, cocktails and more. I would love to discuss the details with you.


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