Style Challenge: Dressing For Your Personality

You know those sayings, “dress how you want to be perceived,” “your clothes say it for you,” and “your clothes should reflect your personality”?

Well, I decided to give those phrases a try. Does this read (pun intended) I am chic, funny, and somewhat approachable?

If yes, you win! Your prize is my satisfaction. You’re welcome.

But in all serious, this is one of my favorite looks because while I would most likely wear this tee with jeans and these trousers with a silky tank or blouse, I wanted switch it up and blend the two spectrums of casual and formal into a great day-to-night look. It was a great style challenge for myself and I wanted to share my results with you all. Besides, the pom poms with this top were too hard to resist pairing together, it’s just so fun! Don’t you think?

If it’s chilly where you are, throw on a plaid or faux fur jacket for an added flair!

If you like what you see, you can shop the look below.


Hat | Tee | Trousers (similar) (similar 2)| Shoes | Purse (B&W version) | Earrings (similar) | Sunglasses (similar)

Photographer: Tracey Mammolito

*I get a small commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post*

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