Fighting Winter Blues, Literally

Winter has arrived, and while I would love to hibernate until spring, that is unfortunately not a realistic option for most of us! Gloomy days, limited sunlight, and bitterly cold temperatures have me feeling blah, and my outfit inspiration is at its lowest. I will be the first to admit, it is not an easy feat to look cute and human when you are bundled in layers. It has taken me years since moving from California to master the art of layering — and I’m still not done learning! Today, I’m dishing out a lesson on peeling back the winter blues.

My favorite trick is to find statement pieces for each layer that upon removing, look like a completely different outfit. I’ve piled three of my favorite pieces to beat those winter blues one layer at a time. Let’s start with my top layer, the coat. This coat is a timeless piece of the perfect length; it covers enough of my legs to keep me warm as well as to cover the layers underneath. As a bonus, I love its fitted shape to help keep my layers looking sleek.

Next comes my second topper, the cape. The cape is great because it adds additional warmth, looks polished, and shows off my blouse underneath. This creates an entirely different look while still keeping me toasty warm. Not feeling the cape? A cardigan or a satin longline jacket work too!

And now on to the last layer, the top…

Florals? For winter? Ground-breaking. No, but really, isn’t it? (Bonus points if you get the movie reference!) Florals are one of my favorite trends for winter, along with the bell sleeve, so this top was the perfect touch for today’s look. In addition, a fun top allows me to take this look from day to night seamlessly.

To add some pops of color to my top two layers, I chose rose gold sunnies, my spacious burgundy crossbody Coach bag (swoon), a faux fur scarf and my fun booties.

Now that I’ve peeled back the layers of one of my favorite wintry ensembles, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my layering techniques below!

img_6011img_6013_2-copy img_6006 img_6045 img_6029 img_6038 img_6063 img_6085 img_6076 img_6088 img_6091 img_6081

Coat | Cape | Blouse (similar 1) (similar 2) | Pants | Shoes (similar 1) (similar 2) | Bag | Scarf (similar 1) (similar 2)| Right Hand Ring | Left Hand Ring| Belt | Sunglasses

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