A Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Let me start with a disclaimer: I love Halloween! As a kid, I always insisted on trick-or-treating, even throwing spectacular tantrums to go alone with my friends and the big kids in the neighborhood. I was a costumed girl on a mission, filling up pillowcase after pillowcase of delicious candy in my typically sparkly, tiara-based, and/or hand-me-down costumes from my brother. (And yes, those healthy snacks and toothbrushes from certain neighbors went straight into the trash!)

(But seriously, who does that?! You’re not my dentist!)

More recently, Halloween has still been a celebration I look forward to, but it seems to become more of a last-minute affair with every passing year. And with an annual need for a last-minute costume, you best believe I’ve become a seasoned pro at piecing together an outfit from my trusty closet.

Today, I’m going to show you one of the looks I created for an upcoming Halloween party — And I dug deep into the summer wardrobe for this one! I pulled a white cover-up dress with slits on the arms and legs from my swimsuit box to channel a Grecian Goddess. Pairing this dress with gold jewelry, gladiator sandals, and a headpiece, I even had myself thinking that I planned this costume in advance.

I’ve linked similar pieces below so that you can be your own Grecian goddess this year, but don’t be spooked from working with what you’ve got at home. If you create a look from your closet, post it and tag me on Instagram! Happy Haunting!

PS. If you’ve got access to Amazon Prime, their speedy shipping can get this to your door in one to two days!


Dress (similar) (similar 2) (similar 3) | Lariat and Layered Necklaces (similar) (similar 2) (similar 3) (similar 4) | Bandeau | Headpiece (similar) (similar 2) (similar 3) | Handbag | Shoes


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