Menswear Chic

What’s black and white and sitting on a ledge? Me in my latest post today, where I’m about to break down how to piece together a comfortably stylish ensemble using two staple colors, black and white, to create an easy look that will take you from work to play.

Taking a page out of the men’s style section, I paired a tuxedo trouser with a loose print blouse.

And for the finishing touch: Remember a couple posts back where I wrote about a popular 90s trend making its comeback? Well, as a woman of my word, I’m diving head first into this choker phenomenon. While chokers aren’t appropriate workwear for all professions, those of you with a strict dress code can save this add-on for after work.

Today’s takeaway? Don’t be afraid to borrow from the boys and do it better! Combining menswear pieces with classic female silhouettes is just one bold choice away. Shop my look below.


Sunglasses | Choker (20% off with code: NIKITA20) or peep my choker round-up | Blouse (1) (2) | Pants (1) (2) (3) | Shoes (1) (2) (3) | Bag

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