A Mod(ern) Day Transition

It’s safe to say that spring has sprung, and the official first day of Summer is around the corner. But let’s not be hasty and be fooled by the sun outside, temperatures are still a bit sporadic and require some transitioning. Keep those sweaters and long sleeves at bay as it may not yet be time to bid them adieu. Today I’m showing you how to incorporate those warmer silhouettes with pops of cooler attire.

Inspired by the 60s and mourning over the end of Madmen (yes, still), I grabbed this vibrant green shift dress, a black turtleneck, a structured bag and a scarf to swiftly transition from winter to spring. For those unbeknownst temperate days, I placed the turtleneck under the dress, tied a scarf to my bag, and donned my go-to OTK boots. With this vibe, it almost felt wrong to not play with the hair, so I selected a major side part and a low pony.

The rest was history (see what I did there?), until the heat starts settling in and turtleneck seasonal retirement comes around. When that time comes, simply toss that top aside and don the look sans sleeves. Take a look at the mod transition below and shop the pieces so you too can channel your inner Jackie O.


Dress (option 2) (option 3) | Turtleneck (option 2) | Shoes | Bag | Scarf | Earrings

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