Sexy Suspenders

When you think suspenders, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Anyone think Steve Urkel? Thanks to Family Matter and television in general, suspenders have come to be known as nerdy, despite their innocent original intentions of simply keeping pants securely in place. While I can’t deny being reminded of Steve Urkel from time to time, I find that suspenders can actually be quite sexy when styled properly.

I recently purchased a suspender skirt to test out the look myself, and chose to don my suspenders for a day of meetings followed by a night out with friends. My goal? To change people’s perception of suspenders from nerdy to trendy–or at the very least, to a fusion of the two.

For this particular occasion, I needed the look to lean towards professional while also being flexible enough to transition to night. To avoid looking too school-girl (or too Steve Urkel), I paired my suspender skirt with a fun top. Enter red leopard print blouse. With full sleeves, I was able to pull off a work-appropriate look, and by rolling up the sleeves and unbuttoning the blouse a bit, I easily transitioned my look for my night out. The leopard print and vibrant colors of the blouse gave off a playful, approachable vibe, complementing my suspender skirt perfectly for a sophisticated sexy look.

This outfit had me feeling youthful, carefree, and most importantly–confident! This has become one of my favorite looks, and I’m excited to keep experimenting with my suspender skirt.

So what do you think, can suspenders be the perfect blend of sexy? Not yet convinced, or want to see other ways to style suspenders? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re ready to strap on your own pair, get the look below.

Full Suspenders LookFull Suspenders Look 2Front Suspenders LookOver the Shoulders SuspendersPurseBack of Suspenders
| Suspenders (sold out): similar | Blouse in Red Animal Print (sold out): similar or similar 2 or similar 3 |  Vince Fur-lined Jacket: similar  |  Stuart Weitzman Boots (similar) |  Tights  |  Tory Burch Crossbody Bag or similar  |

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