Tip Tuesday: Dryer Sheets

Welcome to my new series, Tip Tuesday! ​Every ​m​onth, I will be sharing ​​​handy, life-changing ​tip​s​​ and tricks that I’ve discovered about a specific product or topic. ​I hope you find these useful​,​ and if you have anything to add, share in the comments below!

The first tip series is how to use dryer sheets for more than just laundry. Here are 12 alternative uses for dryer sheets:

  1. De-Static ​​Hair:  With winter comes that dreaded static hair! I lightly wipe a dryer sheet all over my hair and it perfectly eliminates static!
    Pro-tip: Carry a dryer sheet or two with you wherever you go in case static strikes.
  2. De-static Clothes:  With static hair, comes static clothing! ​I apply the same method to my clothes that I use to ​de-static my hair. Rub a dryer sheet on any article of clothing​,​ and you won’t have to worry about awkwardly adjusting your clothes in public.
  3. Travel Saver:  I pack an extra plastic bag and dryer sheet when I travel so that I can place my dirty clothes in a bag with ​the ​dryer sheet. The sheet neutralizes the odors for the duration of your t​r​ip. You can also place a dryer sheet in the zipper compartment of your suitcase to keep your suitcase and clothes smelling fresh.
    Pro-tip:​ After you return​ and unpack​, ​you can also ​keep suitcases fresh by tossing a dryer sheet into ​them before storing.
  4. Air freshener:  While the s​cent of candles ​can fill ​a​ room, it’s not ​always ​the most budget-friendly of options.  Place a dryer sheet in front of a fan or on an AC unit​,​ and your place will not only be cool​,​ ​but ​it will ​also ​smell like you constantly have fresh laundry!
  5. Car Freshener:  Place sheets under and between seats to neutralize smells or cover the scent of spills.
  6. Remove pet hair:  While we love our furry friends, their fur can be a pain to constantly clean up.  Brush a dryer sheets over rugs, furniture, clothing, or anywhere pet hair accumulates to quickly remove it.
  7. Freshen shoes:  Whether the seasons ​are​ changing​,​ or you just want to keep your shoes odor-free, place a dryer sheet in the sole and let it sit overnight.
    Pro-tip:​ ​Keep sheets in ​your​ boots during spring and summer​ to maintain freshness between seasons.​
  8. Keep garbage cans nice: Line the bottom of garbage bins with new or used dryer sheets and they’ll help absorb leaks and odors when you switch bags.
  9. Gym Bag Deodorizer:  Gym bags have seen their ​fair ​share of sweat, dirt and water. Place a sheet at the bottom of a gym bag to help with odor and prevent musky smells.
  10. Drawer Freshener: Keep your clothes smelling fresh by slipping a few sheets between folded clothes.
  11. Bedding Refresher:  Slip a dryer sheet in​ you​r​ duvet cover and pillowcases to keep sheets smelling fresh.  When storing bedding and blankets, stash sheets in them before putting them in the closet.
  12. Remove Iron Stains: Rub a fabric sheet on the bottom of a hot iron and the brown marks will go away. Also works for hair tools!

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