Rainy Day Ready

There’s nothing more dreadful than getting caught in the rain or walking outside when the weather drops without a jacket or umbrella! (Okay, slight exaggeration, but at that exact moment it is the worst.)

I have learned my lesson one too many times that I now avoid that feeling of misery by stashing a packable jacket in my bag. Since I am constantly on the go, I personally opted for a black trench because it goes with any outfit and transitions nicely from day to night.

Prepare yourself for that next surprise rainfall or temperature drop by getting yourself a packable jacket. A foldable jacket comes in a convenient zip pouch and can fit perfectly into a carry-on, work bag, or tote and is versatile enough to go with any outfit, keep you warm and dry, and won’t require you to slump them awkwardly over your arm when that flash storm stops after five minutes.

While Burberry’s foldable topper is my personal favorite and the one I carry, here are a few other options that come packed in pouches and different colors:

Packable Trench Coat

(1. Burberry Brit ‘Balmoral’ Packable Trench, 2. RAINFOREST Packable Trench Coat, 3. Cole Haan Women’s Nylon Packable Jacket with Detachable Hood, 4. Cole Haan Travel Packable Rain Anorak, 5. Ellen Tracy Outerwear Packable Rain Trench)

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