18 Ways Coconut Oil Will Improve your Skin, Hair and Health

Ever since I was a child, my mom would massage coconut oil in my hair and have me sit for a couple hours or sleep over night with it in.  Lo and behold, after a thorough rinse, I’d have soft, shiny hair, a dandruff-free scalp, and less frizzy hair.  The amount of heat styling and dyeing I subject my hair to, I constantly have to take the time to revitalize my hair with coconut oil.  Not only did coconut oil naturally restore my hair, it’s also added moisture to my skin.  Coconut oil can be absorbed naturally in a number of ways to help our bodies. With the lessons handed down from my family and personal experimentations, I’ve listed numerous ways coconut oil has changed my life.  Try these 18 tips out and let me know what you think or if you have any other ways you’ve used coconut oil.


  1. Skin moisturizer – Applying coconut oil onto skin can heal irritations, dry, dark elbows, and moisturize skin.
  2. Face moisturizer – While we’re lead to believe that spending hundreds of dollars on brand name face moisturizers are worth the cost, pocket that money and buy coconut oil.  Applying a small amount to your face won’t clog skin, will treat dry skin, and add natural glow.
  3. Cuticles – No need to buy cuticle creams or nail oils, coconut oil will do the trick.
  4. Eye Cream – Apply a small drop and rub it around the corners of your eyes.
  5. Bath Soak – Bath oils are commonly used, but you don’t have to purchase oil bars, or perfume oils to get the same experience.
  6. Eye Makeup Remover – Whether you’re out of eye makeup remover or trying to cut back on beauty buys, pour some coconut oil on a cotton ball or pad and voila, eyes free of even waterproof makeup.
  7. Prevent Stretch Marks – Pregnant or not, stretch marks are no friends of ours! Rub coconut oil plain or mixed with lotion or vitamin E oil to areas prone to stretch marks.
  8. Body Scrub – A big winner in my books! Coconut oil mixed with equal parts sugar will be a wallet-friendly and effective body scrub for daily use.  Coconut oil will be easy on your skin while the sugar helps buff away that dry skin or ingrowns.
  9. Lip Moisturizer – Chapstick can become addictive and inevitably dry lips out if you stop using it, so use something more natural to keep those lips plump and glossy.
  10. Topically – This is great for any rashes, cuts, burns, and insect bites.  Coconut oil contains antibacterial and antioxidant elements that help soothe skin, as well as reduce inflammation.
  11. Eczema – This natural remedy will reduce redness, inflammation and itchiness due to the oil absorption via skin tissues.
  12. Heal Broken Skin – Just like that of its topical healing properties coconut oil helps to strengthen skin tissue.
  13. Shaving Cream Alternative – Certain shaving creams can actually dry out your skin because of their ingredients.  Pour some coconut oil on to your legs and you’ll get the same hairless results, but with shinier, healthier legs.
  14. Aftershave – Shaving can be harsh on skin, thus causing redness, razor burns, ingrowns or cuts.  Calm the skin by rubbing on coconut oil after your shower.  Instead of towel drying your legs let the water and oil be absorbed and dry naturally.  This will add moisture and shine to those stems.  You can even mix it with lotion for those with extra dry skin.
  15. Intensive Deep Conditioner and Hair Growth Stimulation – This is a personal favorite and a treatment I do weekly.  Massage coconut oil into the scalp and throughout your hair and sit for however long you can.  Massaging the scalp stimulates hair growth, while the coconut oil on the scalp takes care of dryness which can cause dandruff.  Soaking the hair with oil allows for absorption, which softens damaged hair and adds back shine. In other words, this makes for a great intensive at-home deep condition.  Pro -Tip: The longer it’s in your hair the better. I prefer to sleep with the oil overnight and rinse in the morning. If you choose to do this, wrap your hair into a loose bun, wear a shower cap if comfortable or place a towel over your pillow cover.
  16. Split Ends – While coconut oil won’t fix split ends, it will be a temporary solution.  Run coconut oil through the ends of your hair to prevent further breakage and to add back some shine.
  17. De-Frizz – Flyaways are a ladies foe. Battle those stray hairs with my trusted friend, coconut oil.  You can dab those hairs directly or pour coconut oil into a spray bottle and spritz over your hair.  Pro-Tip- By adding water to the spray bottle, it will dilute the oil so that your hair doesn’t get weighed down or oily throughout the day, especially for those with fine hair.
  18. Dry Skin on the Bottom of Feet – Just like the body scrub, mixed with equal parts salt, you can skip a few salon visits.  Use a pumice stone to buff away those calluses and patchy areas.

Purchase coconut oil to test out these tips:
1. Kopari, 2. Dr. Bronners, 3. Nutiva, 4. Parachute, 5. Vatika, 6. Nature’s Way, 7. Viva Labs


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2 thoughts on “18 Ways Coconut Oil Will Improve your Skin, Hair and Health

  1. Are there any cosmetic benefits to eating coconut oil? My mom makes her famous granola with it and ITS DELICIOUS. Going to try out coconut oil for my next bath soak and shave. Thanks Nikki!!!!


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