Trending Now: Bomber Jackets

Safe to say it’s time to pull out those sweaters and jackets, ladies! As you start to clear your closet and wonder what to keep and what to store, here’s one thing you should keep around for fall: bomber jackets. Bomber jackets are sticking around for another season, and they are only getting better (and more detailed!) with time.

Bomber jackets have become such a staple in my closet that I’ve now created a collection I am proud of. Today, I’m pulling one of my favorites and pairing it with my go-to jeans and bodysuit. I opted for flats over sneakers to make my look a tad more feminine, while also getting me ready for my evening festivities. This particular bomber jacket adds the perfect amount of detail and pizazz I need. Wearing this trend with denim is by far the easiest way to try on this style but that doesn’t have to be the only way.

The number of ways you can style your bomber is endless, so let’s get to it! For an effortless and totally bomb look (see what I did there), pair with a sleek dress, a jumpsuit, any pair of denim bottoms, a button down suede skirt, wide leg trousers, or even leggings for an athleisure vibe. New to the trend? Play it safe with a bomber on the simpler side to test the waters; once you get comfortable, go bold and style it with that metallic pleat skirt you’ve been eyeing.

To get you excited for this trend, check out how I wore my bomber jacket and where you can get yourself one too.


Bomber Jacket | Bodysuit- Sold Out (Similar 1) (Similar 2) (Similar 3) | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses

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